Renewable Energy Alliance provides commercial energy solutions to enhance our world. 

Our Vision


REA has the following Vision:


“Excellence in design, engineering and delivery of renewable energy projects”


Our Mission


We achieve our vision by:


  1. Informing various levels of Government on industry issues 

  2. Linking like-minded organisations together to achieve and execute high quality, fit for purpose, renewable energy projects in a timely manner

  3. Promoting, educating and encouraging the use of renewable energy

  4. Supporting our partners with expert knowledge, innovative solutions and support systems to meet and exceed customer expectations

  5. Pursuing excellence in everything we do




“Your Renewable Energy Partner”



Our Values


As reflected in its code of conduct and corporate governance principles, REA

We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All products are installed by a team of fully trained engineers. Contact us now for a quote >>